“I have had the pleasure of being part of the amazing classes that Maya has taught for the past 7 years.  I have grown so much in my practice.  Maya is a wonderful teacher, she is challenging and accommodating!  Maya encourages you to do YOUR best for what YOUR body needs, her experience and gentle nature coupled with her knowledge of yoga are the perfect balance to start yoga or deepen your practice.   I always look forward to each of her classes knowing it will leave me feeling like “it was just what I needed”.  I would recommend everyone to check out one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed. ” Barbara M

“Maya is a great instructor. She is highly skilled and knows how to teach any person at any level. Her instruction is very personalized.” Karina C

“Maya is the real deal yoga instructor. She brings knowledge and experience from Europe, and you feel her calm aura when you first meet her. She gave lessons at the oil company I worked at in Stone Oak area- everyone loved her! I absolutely love Maya and would recommend her to anyone!!” Sophia V.

“One of the best yoga settings I have experienced with tranquil lighting and aromatheraputic oils to help bring together wonderful and effective yoga training with one of the best yoga masters in San Antonio!” Larry C.

” Maya is a highly skilled yoga teacher, but because of her sensitivity she is unlike any other. She gives personal attention to every student and their particular needs. She is a hidden treasure of San Antonio, and I highly recommend her for all levels of yoga practice.” Malgorzata O.P

“I have been taking classes with Maya for over 4 years. She is a very knowledgeable teacher, funny, and a very kind person. Although she, like most of yoga teachers, follows the same routine delivering her classes, her spontaneity makes of each class a moment of new learning about yoga and life.”  Josep P

“Highly recommend: Try one class and see! Not only does the time spent bring you more in tune, Maya’s gentle manner is inspiring!”  Chantal P

“Best yoga instructor I’ve ever had! Maya has almost 30 years experience and works closely with everyone to make sure they are getting the most out of their practice. Strong focus on proper alignment, breathing techniques, and building skill level/strength. Perfect for anyone who incorporates yoga into their daily lifestyle and would like to dive deeper into their practice.” Jessica B
“I was introduced to yoga when the company I worked for started weekly yoga classes in 2008. Maya was the instructor and I quickly became comfortable with her gentle spirit, infectious love of yoga and her immense knowledge and experience in its practice. I was thrilled when she opened her own studio and continue to learn and thrive in this small group setting. I highly recommend you give her a try no matter what your level, as she has classes that meet the needs of everyone.” Barbara B L.